I can remember watching my mother and older sister producing wonderous images while sitting at the kitchen table painting in oil paints on large sheets of stiff paper. I must have been small as I could just see over the edge of the table. I was later given a set of paints to play with, so I wouldn’t bother the adults I suspect, but I didn’t paint the walls or floors oh no, paper was the proper place to create art! Although I did like to paint with my whole hand occasionally as the squishy paint felt so good between your fingers as it made little worms as it oozed out.

I continued to paint, draw, make squishy things and eventually made a career out of it as a ‘serious’ artist. I’ve exhibited New York USA and of course in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia with The Painters of the Flinders Ranges, I’ve sent work to Canada and the UK, I’ve run pastel workshops and airbrush workshops and I’m an artist who teaches Visual Art & Design in Secondary Schools.

Prior to gaining my post-graduate degree in Education in 2008, my under graduate degree in Visual Communications (Graphic Design) 2002, from the University of South Australia allowed me to work as a production assistant on a Rural Newspaper. I moved to Melbourne for two years to take advantage of employment. While there, I was employed as an in-house Graphic Designer and did some freelance and contract work. I returned to Adelaide to as a graphic/pre-press supervisor and as graphic design manager for an advertising and marketing company.

The pressures of fast turnover, working to a client brief, outsourcing and deadlines are all too familiar to me. My graphics work has ranged from the layout of a full colour historical reference book to point of sale displays, flyers, promotional items, brochures, packaging, advertising displays and even stickers and business cards. I have experience with pre-press and production, offset and digital printing and photography, as well as experience with many imaging and publishing programs for print and web.

……gee seems a lot doesn’t it and now I get a kick out of photoshopping my own pictures!
I’m a little left field as well I suppose…..I have to entertain myself.

With Regards
Kay Bridge