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With a little colour added. All I need now is framing and yes, better photos. 🙂 .999 Silver point, carbon and water colour.

The spot near the part in the hair isn’t dandruff it’s the silver glinting in the studio light. Because it’s reflective I’ve found silver point work harder to photograph.


I am teaching myself silver point and I suppose I’m doing it in a non-traditional way. I like texture so I have added marble dust to Golden’s ground on an A4 Arches smooth water color paper. It’s rough and gritty, I haven’t use casein, I haven’t used board, I haven’t sanded it to eggshell, I like the grainy photo look. I’ve been frowned at and chided for doing it this way, meh! I’m happy with the developing results. Although my progress photos could do with some improving!

It’s raising money for Cancer Research. Its a great cause and a great exhibition!

A SMALL WORLD – a Postcard Exhibition is an International Open Exhibition of small works held at Magpie Springs Gallery, South Australia

Exhibition Opening 13th Nov 2016 2pm

Exhibition Concludes 15th Jan 2017

200 hundred artists from Australia and overseas will be exhibiting original artworks the size of postcards at Magpie Springs in South Australia. Artworks will be for sale online and at the gallery.  – please bookmark and subscribe.

Australian Fur Seal in .999pure silver and 9ct gold Metal point.

Building an agri-business and art studio business simultaneously is time consuming to say the least, and then there’s the distraction and obligation of updating the myriad of associated social media accounts. One or more methods of ‘connection’ suffers and it seems to have been the fate of this blog to be neglected for long periods of time. It’s been so long since I’ve added anything!

Add to that I keep loosing login and passwords to my various media accounts. Argh! It’s a necessary nuisance having to be so security conscious these days! Anyway…

Below is a selection images I’ve been working on for a solo exhibition I’ll be having in September 2018 at the Gladstone gallery NSW. A problem I’m having though, is that I keep selling the work for the exhibition!

The pastel painting below was finalist in the Stanthorpe Art Festival 2016 and the IAPS International online-juried exhbition. (I got a badge from Stanthorpe saying ‘Finalist’ They must have known I collect badges! 🙂 )

You’re not taking this seriously! – Pastel on paper


I took part in the Armidale Art Prize exhibition 2016 and sold both the following images:
Dodgey – Oil on board –  Armidale Art Gallery NSW
Sunset over Dry Gold – Oil on canvas mounted on board-  Armidale Art Gallery NSW

A couple of others: Get your feet off the chair – pastel on paper and Yasmin (It’s magic!) – pastel on paper




Well doesn’t time fly when you’re totally distracted!!

It’s been an absolute age since I last visited here. Since moving back to Lower Creek NSW I entered into the Kempsey Art Prize and the I won Best Works on Paper category with ‘Porky’s’ and I was a finalist in the IAPS 23rd Juried Art Exhibition Online (International Association of Pastel Societies) With ‘Time and Tide’.



Pastel on Arches watrcolour paper

Tide and time


My website has suffered the ravages of me not being financially buoyant and gone. At the moment I just don’t have enough ping-pong balls to re-float this Titanic. So I’m thinking that this blog may have to substitute for my webpage for the time being. I’m not quite sure how to go about that but I’ll have a go.

I have a studio! It’s about 95% complete, bright, airy and with a storage room to boot. I have a plan to run weekend artist camps, workshops and classes in the future.

Below are some pictures taken from around the area of our property. There are birds and animals aplenty as well. I reckon it would be a good place for an artist to visit. Relaxing, challenging and inspiring all at the same time. What do you reckon?

Lower Creek 1

Looking towards the swimming hole.

Looking towards the swimming hole.

Looking towards our place

Looking towards our place

On the road to Armidale through the forest up the big hill.

On the road to Armidale through the forest up the big hill.

Wild rivers and gorges. Livin' life on the edge of a plateau can be very scenic

Wild rivers and gorges. Livin’ life on the edge of a plateau can be very scenic

The bottom border of our property.

The bottom border of our property.

Stag horn in the casuarinas next to the river

Stag horn in the casuarinas next to the river

easel inside the studio

Inside the studio. Plenty of natural light available.

From inside the studio

From inside the studio

Moving away from pastels

Well not really. I actually hate moving but I am moving to mid-north NSW and leaving the crispy climes of South Australia behind.

My website will go down for an indeterminate time and will probably resurface on a free hosting site like Wix or something.

I’ll probably give up the school teaching as it is a soul destroying occupation for an artist. After a life time of trials and tribulations it was through working in schools that I found out what real depression is. I would like to run art classes for those who want to be there.

Ink on paper


Notice a bit of a change starting? lol












The remains of a Wedge Tailed Eagle. It’s not a print it’s acrylic paint on Arches water colour paper. I don’t have the facility at home to do prints but I like the stark litho look. I’ve got more like this planned.

Work chokes any creative life out of me and it’s actually starting to take it’s toll on my health and that’s something I had thought was a cop out excuse used by other people I read about but not by me… but here I am with hospital tests to come and a doctor shaking his head at me talking about work stress…..sheesh tell me something I don’t know…

The King is dead.

Acrylic paint on 640gsm medium Arches Water Colour paper

I’m off to get this framed. I’m looking forward to seeing it framed. I might try something a little different…lol

..adding colours

This is a picture I was to put into a gallery for exhibition a few months back. Yeah I know, I didn’t get it finished in time. It’ll get in the next gallery show. I’ve gone for a bit of a side track into oils. All my oil painting experiments have sold so far so I’ll keep going I guess. I’m being very careful and going rather slowly with the oils as I really like doing them and don’t want to bugger ’em up! lol. All I can do is keep on improving right?


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