A bit of an experiment in oils. A galah on a really windy day. Poor thing was nearly blown off his perch!

I’ve crushed up some quality pastels and added them to Art Spectrum clear oil paint. Would that be a mixed media painting? They paint on really nicely. …dunno will see how it turns out I suppose! lol

…and in a moment of morbid clarity I realize that art is really a load of egotistical wank and there is really is no point to it’s existance…and then the ever thickening gauze of hazy of colours, sounds and textures close in once again and I can’t remember what I was just thinking about….

I built a new website for myself. Fingers X’d it has everything in place and works. I suppose if it doesn’t someone will let me know. Fingers X’d about that too…..lol

In my last posting I lamented the fact that I don’t seem capable of remembering to take a photo of my artwork BEFORE it is framed OR in an exhibition! I do annoy myself sometimes. Anyway the painting I had done as a test piece, (the black and white, minerals and acrylic painting of a nude female lying on her side under a full moon) Has been one of two images sold at exhibition so far. The other was a small pastel painting and I have photos of that one.

I have slept in my swag under the full moon many a time in the Flinders Ranges and I had thought that the ranges looked like someone sleeping on their side so that is what I painted, The area is mineral rich so I added to the titanium white, a large amount of powdered quartz and flecks of mica are scattered across the night-time sky to catch the light and twinkle.

The photo I do have is a general atmosphere shot from the opening of the exhibition in the Wilpena Woolshed. I have a stint of volunteering at the exhibition coming up. I’ll try to get a getter shot of it before it goes to a new home!

…..That’ll teach me!

I should remember to take photos BEFORE framing…..sheesh! Anyway three of the photos are of traditional landscapes. The WIP of B&W ‘Flinders Dreaming’ is Acrylic with Mica and Ground Quartz. (I will get a better photo of the finished painting) I think ‘Flinders Dreaming’ is going to get mixed polite reactions by the other artists at the exhibition, well that’s I reckon, it might be OK.

It’s an interpretation of the Flinders… I have slept under the moon often enough out there and the ranges look, under a full moon, like a figure lying on its side to me sooo…also the area is mineral rich so I used some mica and quartz….meh…we’ll see.

An update on the whereabouts of my Dead bird picture. Also know as Tide and time.

It was accepted into The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize in the SA Museum in Adelaide, South Australia. That was very exciting for me and then it has been sold which is another bonus!

I’ve demonstrated pastel painting in the Museum on the 20th of August and I felt a little like a rock star as people who went into the exhibition came out and wanted their picture taken with me! lol

I will be back at the museum continuing with my demonstration on the 27th of August 2011.

Then there is the annual Painters of the Flinders Ranges opening in September on the 4th at the Wilpena Pound Woolshed. And then there in larger number of my works, all of which are for sale, on display in a permanent exhibition in the Mount Pleasant Hotel Motel Restaurant.

It’s been a while I know but full-time employment as a teacher seems to be squeezing out any time I have for painting. Which, to use student speak, ‘sucks majorly’.

Now it’s off to the framers

……..and I’ve paid me entry now I waits me turn……..

Pastel on Arches watercolour paper


I need another name for this, other than dead bird

At last finished. I think it looks OK. I need to get better photos before I take this to the framers. The camera and cable I need are being put to good use on Kangaroo Island gathering more reference pic for more birds…..live ones. lol So for this update it’s a cruddy mobile phone pic. meh.

I’ll float this image in a contemporary silver frame I think. So the roughness of the paper and deckle edges are obvious.

I’m looking for any suggestions for a title. Something poetic about death and/or the sea. I looked at the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner but it’s not an Albatross….

This is my entry into the 2011 Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize. Fingers X’d.

It’s been an age since I put anything up here. I just forget. duh. I plan to finish this bird on (insert some day in the future here lol) so I thought I’d better get a WIP picture…… The last I posted was a very live bird a pelican. Well this bird is a very dead one.

The rib cage is challenging. When I bought a barbequed chook for dinner one night I dismantled it and checked out the bone structure…..there was a lot of ‘oh that’s what the is’ as my cats circled me like sharks. It still doesn’t help me knowing what bones are where, as I render them in pastel and they all kind of blur over at some stage…..sigh

taped to the board still

Unromantic title……yeah I know the title needs work…meh… it ‘s a work in progress as well.

The reason for this piece is a bit of sour grapes or rebellion on my part. I had noticed with frustration that there are many very ordinary artists ‘comments’ on death and decay or the inevitable transience of life etc blah blah blah. And these pieces end up in galleries……….sooo….I to shall jump onĀ  the gristle band wagon and start a dead thing. I have a lovely photo of road kill that I shall do in the future but this is a dead bird on a beach. It’s beached az bro, so beached ut’s did! Did az bro! Enough of that! It’s not a dead Kiwi…

I’ve received some interesting blog spam. lol It says I have a talent for writing…Bwah ha ha!!

Blog spam. Now that sounds really unattractive……like finding gristly bits in your TVP meat substitute.


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