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Well doesn’t time fly when you’re totally distracted!!

It’s been an absolute age since I last visited here. Since moving back to Lower Creek NSW I entered into the Kempsey Art Prize and the I won Best Works on Paper category with ‘Porky’s’ and I was a finalist in the IAPS 23rd Juried Art Exhibition Online (International Association of Pastel Societies) With ‘Time and Tide’.



Pastel on Arches watrcolour paper

Tide and time


My website has suffered the ravages of me not being financially buoyant and gone. At the moment I just don’t have enough ping-pong balls to re-float this Titanic. So I’m thinking that this blog may have to substitute for my webpage for the time being. I’m not quite sure how to go about that but I’ll have a go.

I have a studio! It’s about 95% complete, bright, airy and with a storage room to boot. I have a plan to run weekend artist camps, workshops and classes in the future.

Below are some pictures taken from around the area of our property. There are birds and animals aplenty as well. I reckon it would be a good place for an artist to visit. Relaxing, challenging and inspiring all at the same time. What do you reckon?

Lower Creek 1

Looking towards the swimming hole.

Looking towards the swimming hole.

Looking towards our place

Looking towards our place

On the road to Armidale through the forest up the big hill.

On the road to Armidale through the forest up the big hill.

Wild rivers and gorges. Livin' life on the edge of a plateau can be very scenic

Wild rivers and gorges. Livin’ life on the edge of a plateau can be very scenic

The bottom border of our property.

The bottom border of our property.

Stag horn in the casuarinas next to the river

Stag horn in the casuarinas next to the river

easel inside the studio

Inside the studio. Plenty of natural light available.

From inside the studio

From inside the studio

The remains of a Wedge Tailed Eagle. It’s not a print it’s acrylic paint on Arches water colour paper. I don’t have the facility at home to do prints but I like the stark litho look. I’ve got more like this planned.

Work chokes any creative life out of me and it’s actually starting to take it’s toll on my health and that’s something I had thought was a cop out excuse used by other people I read about but not by me… but here I am with hospital tests to come and a doctor shaking his head at me talking about work stress…..sheesh tell me something I don’t know…

The King is dead.

Acrylic paint on 640gsm medium Arches Water Colour paper

I’m off to get this framed. I’m looking forward to seeing it framed. I might try something a little different…lol

A bit of an experiment in oils. A galah on a really windy day. Poor thing was nearly blown off his perch!

I’ve crushed up some quality pastels and added them to Art Spectrum clear oil paint. Would that be a mixed media painting? They paint on really nicely. …dunno will see how it turns out I suppose! lol

…and in a moment of morbid clarity I realize that art is really a load of egotistical wank and there is really is no point to it’s existance…and then the ever thickening gauze of hazy of colours, sounds and textures close in once again and I can’t remember what I was just thinking about….

I built a new website for myself. Fingers X’d it has everything in place and works. I suppose if it doesn’t someone will let me know. Fingers X’d about that too…

I should remember to take photos BEFORE framing…..sheesh! Anyway three of the photos are of traditional landscapes. The WIP of B&W ‘Flinders Dreaming’ is Acrylic with Mica and Ground Quartz. (I will get a better photo of the finished painting) I think ‘Flinders Dreaming’ is going to get mixed polite reactions by the other artists at the exhibition, well that’s I reckon, it might be OK.

It’s an interpretation of the Flinders… I have slept under the moon often enough out there and the ranges look, under a full moon, like a figure lying on its side to me sooo…also the area is mineral rich so I used some mica and quartz….meh…we’ll see.

I need another name for this, other than dead bird

At last finished. I think it looks OK. I need to get better photos before I take this to the framers. The camera and cable I need are being put to good use on Kangaroo Island gathering more reference pic for more birds… ones. lol So for this update it’s a cruddy mobile phone pic. meh.

I’ll float this image in a contemporary silver frame I think. So the roughness of the paper and deckle edges are obvious.

I’m looking for any suggestions for a title. Something poetic about death and/or the sea. I looked at the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner but it’s not an Albatross….

This is my entry into the 2011 Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize. Fingers X’d.

It’s been an age since I put anything up here. I just forget. duh. I plan to finish this bird on (insert some day in the future here lol) so I thought I’d better get a WIP picture…… The last I posted was a very live bird a pelican. Well this bird is a very dead one.

The rib cage is challenging. When I bought a barbequed chook for dinner one night I dismantled it and checked out the bone structure…..there was a lot of ‘oh that’s what the is’ as my cats circled me like sharks. It still doesn’t help me knowing what bones are where, as I render them in pastel and they all kind of blur over at some stage…..sigh

taped to the board still


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